The 5 best time-travel movies and shows to binge-watch, in honor of 'A Wrinkle in Time'



“Wrinkle in Time” cast and director on shattering glass ceilings and following the record-setting “Black Panther.” Director Ava DuVernay is the first African-American woman to direct a $100 million budget film. (Feb. 27)

It’s time to go back in time. Or forward. Or sideways. 

The big-budget adaptation of author Madeleine L’Engle’s classic children’s book A Wrinkle in Time hit theaters this weekend. In honor of the sci-fi epic finally coming to the big screen, we rounded up five other movies and TV shows that get twisty with time for your viewing pleasure. Whether you like your time travel complicated, simple or with Brad Pitt, we’ve got something for everyone, available to rent or stream. 

If you want 50+ years worth of “timey-wimey” goodness: Doctor Who

There’s no better authority on time and space than the Doctor. The long-running British sci-fi series is the yardstick against which other time-travel shows are measured. It has survived cast changes and the actual passage of time, and remains relevant and entertaining to this day. The new season, set for later this year, has a female Doctor driving the TARDIS for the first time. If you’re interested in catching up, you can start with the modern show, which picked up the action in 2005, or the classic episodes, which started in 1963.

Stream modern Who on Amazon Prime. Stream classic Who on Britbox

If you like a scrappy underdog: Timeless

NBC’s time-travel adventure series is a recent addition to the canon, but a worthy one. The fan-favorite series was canceled last year by NBC, only to be shockingly revived a few days later thanks to a fan campaign and USA TODAY’s Save Our Show poll. It’s no wonder fans are obsessed with history professor Lucy (Abigail Spencer), scientist Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and soldier Wyatt (Matt Lanter) as they journey through history attempting to stop a time-traveling criminal without mucking up the timeline too much. 

Stream it on Hulu

If you dig hoverboards: Back to the Future Part II

No offense to the original Back to the Future film, but the middle installment in the trilogy is easily the best. It lacks the ickiness of Marty (Michael J. Fox) being crushed on by his teenage mother and has all the fun of predicting what the future will look like in the far-flung world of … 2015. 

Stream it on HBO Go/Now

If you think time travel is “excellent”: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Worried about complicated alternate timelines and time-travel mechanics in complex sci-fi movies and shows? Then this take on the genre is probably for you. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter star in this cult comedy about two seemingly dumb teens working on a history presentation with the help of a time machine. It’s, well, excellent

Stream it on Hulu.

If you like weird cinema and Brad Pitt: 12 Monkeys

Director Terry Gilliam’s take on time travel is, as you might imagine, incredibly weird and wonderful. Brad Pitt plays a maybe-crazy mental patient in one of his best and grittiest performances, opposite Bruce Willis as a future prisoner sent back in time to prevent a deadly virus from ravaging the planet. 

Stream it on Starz


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